DBN Elite Podcasts


Welcome to the launch of our podcasts here at DBN Elite. Over time you come to get a much clearer understanding of what Numerology is about. You too can use the science and art of numerology to better your life.
Music Credits: © 2019 Kai Engle, adapted under CC BY 4.0

What Is DBN Elite?

DBN Elite concerns itself with matters of dating, companionship, human relations and helping people live a better life. Through the Science and Art of Numerology we provide services and help which can make your life easier and better.

Time & Cycle Years

Time and cycle years effect all that we do. We need to appreciate how the cycles years work in our lives and how we must work in harmony with them. We can gain much better results in life if we understand what their influences are on us.

Beyond Feelings

When a person enters into the dating game, they need to have tools and information which can help them, guide them beyond their own feelings. We can help you get beyond what you just feel with useful and practical information to help you win.

Celebrity Couple: Elizabeth Talyor & Richard Burton

A perfect example of an element match which was less than perfect. A relationship of fighting, being feisty and fiery to be sure. They married twice and divorced twice. Was there love, yes for sure.  Did they get along well, no. Love does not always conquer all.

Soccer Moms & Houses

A fun episode where we go into some of the affects that numbers can have in our lives and how we can, by selection, make better choices for our kids and our own homes.