You may have spent a lot of time and energy to find a prospect, a candidate, someone who you think may be a potential good match for you.  At that point, you are much further ahead of the game than most.  But it may now be time to take a ‘peek’ behind the curtain and see what is really there, and have a more intimate knowledge about the person in your sights.  Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ, you may come to discover things which are outside of your expectations or even beyond what you have been told so far.  Dorothy never expect to see an older bearded man behind it all. Imagine that you can know those unexpected things as well.

The Insights & Compatibility Notes report, will tell you a whole lot more about your chosen one and tell you things which they themselves will likely not reveal or talk about.  It will give you a fresh perspective on what is real, unfiltered and what the reality is about that person.  Clearly we’re not suggesting that everyone just ‘lies’ outright, but there is clearly more to know.  Things like:

  • Their/your element group. A deeper look at personality and desires.
  • Their/your Birthpath.  A broad perspective on your and their life and direction.
  • Their/your Cycle year.  Just like the seasons we go through different periods, different yearly cycles.  Some seasons or years are better or more ideal to begin a new relationship in than others. It is really “Your or their time” and shouldn’t you know that to avoid a false start?
  • What things are great, uplifting and positive about this person? About you?  What great things can you expect from your chosen one and what things will you be able to offer them? This part of the report is interesting in that, for most people, even with the great things they bring, they don’t emphasize or put those things out there. And conversely many times other people won’t go into their fine attributes, at least all of them, in fear of looking conceited or boasting.  But regardless of that, you should know.
  • What about negative tendencies?  While you yourself might not admit it, surely at the beginning the candidate didn’t tell you all things which aren’t exactly perfect about them, either.  Shouldn’t you know those things?  Even if they’re small things, you need to know, and know how best to navigate around them going forward.

Once we help you with all of the above, we provide you with a scoring that shows how good of a couple, or even friends, that you will make together.

Special Offer!

Until the end  of the month, we have a special offer:  the ICN R1 report for $7.00 USD.  The regular price for the report is $29.95.  So for just seven dollars, you can know exactly where you’re at and what your true prospects are with the person or even people that you’ve chosen. A small price to pay to truly understand where things are at.  Just click the Donate button above to get started.

You don’t have to risk not knowing. You don’t have to be disappointed later. You don’t have to come to a point where you feel that you wasted all that precious time.  Get a truer, a better understanding of that person now and save the time. Avoid any grief which may come later.  Truly, its best you know and now.

Let the power of numbers help you in getting to know more. In the end, any and all decisions are yours of course. But at least your eyes will be opened and you’ll know a lot more.  You will know much more than you know now. Don’t let lust or your emotions or even a cute face sway you.  Life is too short and time is precious, especially yours!