Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is this going to cost me?

The ICN-R1 Base report is $29.95 and it will give you a new and refreshing look at the person that you may be interested in.  Currently, there are also introductory promotions for the first few people coming into the program.

  1. What will the ICN report tell me?

The ICN report will cover a number of issues for you to consider and review.  What element group are you and your cohort in?  What is your and their Birthpath? What are your current strengths and challenges? What are their current strengths and challenges? What cycle year are both of you in and is this a good period of time to be finding or even looking for someone new? 

  1. Do I have to be using some dating site in order to get an ICN report or even a personal report?

No.  It may be that you have somebody already in mind or somebody that you met personally who you want to know more about. How you met that person or came into contact with them is not important to us, as you can still acquire a report.  As long as you can follow our guidelines and instructions, you can get a report.

  1. How seriously should I take the report and its finding?

Very seriously.  Numerology has been around a long time and the norms, the constructs and qualities which you will learn about didn’t just happen. Not last week, last year or even a hundred years ago.  The science and art of numerology has been around for a very long time. It provides a serious outlook on people and you need to appreciate what a report says and what guidance it gives.  HOWEVER, it also has to be pointed out that in the end, good, bad or indifferent, any report is there to provide only guidance. Ultimately, any personal decision or path you take is totally under your personal control.   You get to find out about somebody in a much more intimate way, yes, but again, you are the one in control.  Our best advice is for you is to consider the guidance the report gives and put that into your thought process of what direction you take.  It is and always will be your decision to make. You as a person will always have to live with your decisions, good or bad.  

  1. Are there other reports which I can get?

Yes.  What the basic ICN report gives is important to consider, but we do offer both personal readings, analysis with a ‘Reader’ and more in-depth reports such as ICN-R2 report, an ICN-CC, etc. which deal with couples or marriage situations which may need more serious help to resolve or fix.

  1. Is there such a thing as a ‘bad number’?

There is no such thing ultimately as a bad number.  Like an airplane, it can be used for good (delivering medicine or supplies) or used for not-so-good things (war), but the plane itself is neither good nor bad.  So too it is with numbers.  The only one example of anything ‘bad’ per se, when dealing with numbers is that of a 4 cycle year.  A year of the 4 cycle creates challenges, issues and ‘karma’ which comes back upon the person in that cycle year.  It is the most challenging of any cycle year and its good to understand what things a person should be doing and what things they should not be doing during that period of time.  All of which we can teach you.

  1. How long is the report good for?

The report will contain a generation date, which specifies when the report was done or created.  As with all things, circumstances and times change.  So too it is with people. As the cycles of life continue to change and evolve, so too change the circumstances in which people find themselves.  As people go through various cycles, conditions and influence-changes in their lives, so too will circumstances change.  Even a person’s personality can come to change.  However, with all that said, it is safe to say that, during the ‘calendar year’ that the report was generated, say 2019 or 2020 etc. for example, the results will hold.  But once a new year starts, it may be time for a new report to be done.

Just know that there are people out there who care.  Everyone deserves a mate or friends, good ones, who they can walk with through life. Let us help you reach your goals and get the happiness that you deserve.



Any questions concerning career opportunities, working with DBN ELITE as a reader and learning numerology or contracting DBN ELITE about BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES, or becoming a Corporate Client,  etc., can all be directed to NUMBERSIX@DBNELITE.ME.