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R1 Report Readers

If you or your friends are dating, or you know people who are dating, you can help them out and make some money at the same time. 

DBN Elite produces a variety of compatibility reports for the public at large.  The base report for dating is the R1 ICN report. The company is developing a strong network of R1 Readers who essentially help other people better understand what their report means for them and for the person they are interested in.  As a Reader you can help your clients with with any questions or concerns, so that they receive the fullest value and benefit.

We train our R1 Readers to help their clients fully understand the implications of their report. We introduce the basics of numerology and how to assist someone who has commissioned a report.  Our R1 team members are satisfied by knowing that they have helped their clients to identify the most compatible people. Sometimes, this means having the courage to see trouble and take appropriate action.  The time spent is then with people of quality. Our Readers are helping people secure their heart's desire so that true love can finally be theirs. 

The R1 Reader program starts with a short course for the candiate, who then acquires a license for five R1 Reports at cost. They can  then re-sell those reports to their clients, guided by the company's SRP (Suggested Retail Price).  This will then allow the Reader to resell the reports to their relatives, friends or family members for a good profit.  So as the candiate can appreciate, we seek sincere, dedicated and caring people to work with.  Are you such a person?  To get started please email us at numbersix@dbnelite.me.


Director of International Licensing

The Company has expended tremendous resources in producing advanced automated analytical systems which can generate various types of reports very quickly.  While all our reports are today generated in English, there are plans to offer our report products, which include, R1 ICN Compatibility Reports, R2 ICN Compatibility Reports,  Kids 0K Analytical Reports, Individual R0 Analytical Reports and R0 Human Resource reports.  We are planning to add other languages, initially Chinese, so that our compatibility reports can be read and understood in Chinese for the Chinese, Taiwanese and Hong Kong markets. We are seeking a proficient person who would be capable of assisting us in our International Licensing goals overall.


Videographers of all Age

DBN ELITE will soon be offering a new video service which will help daters become very widely exposed in their quest to find someone new for their lives.  The central medium will be video and we are now seeking videographers of all ages, young and old alike, to produce videos in the field for us.  If you have interest or experience in creating video or in video editing, please contact us soonest for details.